Autistic Symphony

Alan Griswold

Autistic Symphony Book Cover

Autistic Symphony offers a unique look at the fascinating subject of autism. Challenging the psychiatric and scientific perspectives that focus exclusively on disabilities and impairments, Autistic Symphony celebrates the challenges and rewards experienced by every autistic individual, and argues that far from being a medical monster, autism is one of our culture's greatest strengths.

Through five essays incorporating viewpoints from biology, history, anthropology, religion, science, art and philosophy, Autistic Symphony explores the possibility autism has much to tell us about our species, and about the development of its modern civilizations.

I.On the Presence of Autism Within the Human Population
II.The World as Wittgenstein Found It
III.The Score Is Still Q to 12
IV.Did Jesus Christ Have Autism?

Autistic Symphony is viewable in its entirety through this Web site, plus it is also available for purchase as a book.

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